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Haunted Forest

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Cost & Hours:
General Admission $20.00 per person.
STLFear Shirts $15.00
Coffin Photo $6.66 (Get your picture taken in one of our coffins - sweet dreams)
VIP Speed Pass Admission $40.00 per person. (With the speed pass you wont have to wait in line!)
VIP Speed Pass & Shirt COMBO $50.00ea. (Bundle & Save)

(We are not responsible for long line waits - Speed Pass option available)

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STL Fear - Realize your Fears

Saint Louis's Latest Haunted House Attraction Welcomes You.
Brought to you by Meramec Challenge

Nobody knows what lurks in these Midwestern river Woods...except those who
have never been seen again. Strange, unnatural noises surround you and consume
your imagination. Is something behind you, matching your footsteps to muffle their
movement? The answer can only be found out this .

Over 29 acres of woods to put the fear in you.


You will walk through over 29 acres of St Louis haunted forest, your only guide will be the light provided by the moon. Be prepared to walk out in the the real forest as this is no joke, not a Hollywood fake scene. This is as real as it gets. How long will your journey take? How fast can you run, in the dark?

Use of lighting aids prohibited! (cell phones, lasers, flashlights)

If you have questions please send us an EMAIL to "INFO @"

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